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We don’t have any deadlines. We don’t run any competitions or hackathons. And we don’t accept lengthy business plans.

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Investing in Startups and early stage business involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution. crowdisland is targeted exclusively at investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand these risks and make their own investment decisions.


What we look for

Running a startup take over your life. It requires more than 60% of your time, for the next 10 years. Hence, we seek founders who looking to run a marathon. The ones who are not afraid to walk a mile in their customers' shoes.

How we help startups

The hardest part of starting a startup is building something people want to buy. The second hardest part is raising money. Raising money from investors is harder than selling to customers because there are so few of them. So before you pitch, let us help you become investor ready.



In the beginning, your aim should be to launch fast and let your idea evolve into a startup. We will help founders identify and refine their scope, value proposition and much more.



Fundraising is an art as well as a science. For most, a pitch deck alone would not be sufficient to raise funds. We will build the necessary financial models and KPIs that drives business.



Funding alone does not guarantee success. You need investors who can open doors, make introductions and guide you. We help founders attract strategic investors early on.

More than a platform that channels capital More than a platform that channels capital

Crowdisland has been a massive help to me as a founder in terms of connecting me with investors, strategic partners as well as potential customers. They genuinely care about the companies they work with and utilize all resources at their disposal to help founders succeed.

Amrit Rupasinghe
Amrit Rupasinghe Founder/CEO Gradchat

Become investor ready

Structure your startup in a way it will attract investors, partners and potential customer!

Crowdisland is an equity crowdfunding platform

I.E. Those providing money are actually buying a stake in your startup

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