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What we look for

Most ideas at first seem counterintuitive. But with your help, we can build something that would challenge the status quo. Hence, we look for angels who can also be a part of the startup's journey. Funding may provide a lifeline, but it's your involvement that gets them over the line.

How we curate startups

To us, founders are the valuable asset in a startup. So we spend a lot of getting to know the founders than the idea. We believe that it’s important to understand why solving the said problem is important for them. Qualifying startups then go through our becoming investor process. Here we validate & structure their business model, go-to-market and other KPI's. Only then would they go live on our platform.



Entrepreneurs must be working full-time on their startup. We look for 4 qualities; Resilience, Integrity, Commitment & Honesty.



Using our expertise, we refine their scope, KPIs and financial model. This allows us to derive their financial requirement and valuation.



Once the campaign is ready, those who have signed up will be informed. We help build and manage investor relations throughout the round.

Presenting the potential as well as the risks Presenting the potential as well as the risks

I was introduced to Crowdisland and what they do when I was evaluating a startup. Crowdisland managed the raise and they had the analysis, projections and valuations. They briefed me as a potential investor about the opportunity, the risks associated and the basis for valuation. All in all CI's involvement made investment decision easy. They took over a lot of work otherwise I as an investor would have to do by myself.

Suren Nanayakkara
Suren Nanayakkara Angel Investor

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