Do you love the game of Cricket? Are you proud to call yourself a fan? And are you a gamer?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions then Cricrush is for you!
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What is Cricrush

Cricrush is a fun, yet addictive digital gaming platform based on the game of Cricket. It ties the real-time outcomes of a Cricket match played anywhere in the world to its mobile game. Using cricketing intuition and statistical analysis, fans can assemble a virtual team comprising their favourite players. The results of the actual match translate to points for their entries to rank and rate them against their peers.

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Who we are

We’re a SportsTech startup looking to digitise the second most popular sport in the world. Cricrush is conceptualised and developed by experienced talent based in Silicon Valley & Jaffna.

CricRush 25May2017-InvPitch_SNT_052517-34Market Opportunity

Our beachhead market will be the Asian countries where Cricket more of a religion than a sport! The close proximity to these markets also allows us to fine-tune the product before expanding globally.

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Product strategy

Cricrush is FREE to play and provides fans with an opportunity to win real, tangible prizes. Time spent within the app by the fanbase translates into revenue for the gaming platform. We predict exponential growth given the viral features built into the game. The initial beta version validates our premise with over 7,000 downloads with zero marketing efforts.

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July 2017

– Ex-Microsft and serial entrepreneur from Seattle, WA pledged financial commitment

– Serial angel investor from Hollywood, CA pledged financial commitment

August 2017

– Two legendary cricketers pledged commitment as Brand Ambassadors

–  A Mutual fund pledged financial commitment