Fundraising made easy

Getting started

Converting an idea into a startup is hard. Transforming the startup into fundable venture is much harder. Our aim is to guide you during the early days of your journey.


Submit your application

First, complete the simple online application. A strategy session will be scheduled to prepare your startup for funding.


Become investor ready

Work with our in-house team to define and structure necessary strategies. Our hands-on approach will help you refine your investor pitch.


Reach investors

Reach out to our deep investor network. We will help you schedule meetings with strategic investors who can accelerate your growth.


Lack of funds shouldn’t deter you from turning an idea into reality. Accessing funds at the right time from the right people is crucial as a startup. Our mission is to make fundraising simple and painless.

No Time Restrictions

We believe that as a founder, you should raise money according to your own timeline. We are open all year around and don’t have any application deadlines.

Investor Preference

By working with us, you will be able to identify which angel investor is right for you. Approach strategic investors who can not only fund but open doors and make introductions.

Deep Investor Networks

Reaching out to angels investors can be time-consuming. Our platform will connect you with the hundreds of investors looking to support startups just like you.

Refine Your Pitch

Our in-house analysts will help you refine your strategy, financial model, and valuation. We even take care of the legal work for you once the raise is complete.

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We understand that your needs are unique.Hence, our fees are based on effort, the level of engagement & total funds you raise. Furthermore, we make money only if you’re successful!

  • Pre-Raise

  • LKR 300,000

  • Raise

  • 6% Service Fee

  • Post-Raise

  • 2% Equity


Our fees are based on the total funds you raise and you only pay if your fundraising is successful.

6% of total raise + 2% Equity*

* We hand hold you during the early days of your startup and exit during the next round.

Start raising, today!

With crowdisland, you don’t have to delay your startup journey.

crowdisland is an equity crowdfunding platfor i.e. those providing money are actually buying a stake in your startup