Smashing barriers to online payments and democratizing digital transactions.

Did you know that any business, from ecommerce sites to taxi companies, experience high fees, no technical support and very little flexibility when trying to send and accept digital payments? Banks can’t solve this because they are incentivized only to cover costs and therefore only service large clients who can afford high fees. We generate revenue by charging a commission on every transaction. Therefore, we are incentivized to increase transaction volume. We do this by solving the needs of businesses by giving them the latest features, more payment options & great support.

Our approach also solves problems on the bank side by increasing both their return on their technology investments and deposit inflow. This aligns the incentives of everyone in the ecosystem, and everybody wins! In essence, we are Stripe for Sri Lanka and our vision is to democratize digital transactions and in the process supercharge the growth of the digital economy of Sri Lanka and similar markets. Solving this will be a 450 million rupee opportunity by 2022 in the Sri Lankan eCommerce market alone.

You must be involved because we are looking for investors who want to be on the forefront of the inevitable digital payments revolution.

Imesh Liyanage

Imesh Liyanage

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