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GoodnessMe – Making Healthy Living Convenient

GoodnessMe is an online healthy lifestyle store selling a complete range of 100% natural products. We are an e-commerce startup that aims to make healthy living more convenient in Sri Lanka.

Hello everyone!!

My name is Shehani and I’m the co-founder of GoodnessMe. My New Year’s resolution for the past 4 years has been; “I’m going to be healthier, eat healthier & live healthier”. In fact, ‘Healthy Living’ is the most popular New Year’s resolutions around the world.


All healthy products available in the market are spread across 4 to 6 locations. Realistically speaking, you can only visit 2 locations during a single trip. Hence you need to make multiple trips a week if you’re to buy all the goods you need. During each trip, you will spend 3 to 4 hours driving and browsing the available products. We saw the lack of an efficient and convenient solution that merged demand & supply.


To test the concept, we launched a six-month pilot under the brand Mummy Market in 2017. We focused on baby & Mothercare products as this was a challenge I faced. We sold close to 100 products and received 10 to 15 inquiries a day! Furthermore, we had customers ordering from Puttalam, Batticaloa, Trincomalee and Galle, proving scalability. Using their feedback, we decided to launch GoodnessMe with a broader product focus.


Healthy Living

Healthy Living

We believe that everyone deserves easy access to non-toxic, organic & natural products. Merging awareness & convenience, we aim to bring healthy living to your fingertips. We intend to be the largest online shopping store for healthy products in South East Asia.

We have partnered with local and international brands to bring their products to you. Thus, you can browse and choose from more than 150 products and we will have them delivered to your doorstep. During our angel round, we aim to promote the need to move towards a healthier lifestyle. While the market may seem small, we see rapid growth. Secondly, we hope to support local producers by increasing their visibility & reach.

Shehani Perera

Shehani Perera

Shehani Perera - LinkedIn
Co-Founder & CEO
Charitha Rasaputra

Charitha Rasaputra

Charitha Rasaputra - LinkedIn
Co-Founder & CMO
Haqeeqa Munas

Haqeeqa Munas

Haqeeqa Munas - LinkedIn
Supply Chain Manager
Nadeesha Paulis

Nadeesha Paulis

Nadeesha Paulis - LinkedIn
Content Creator
Nov 2017

Launched Pilot

Jan 2018

First out of Colombo order

Jan 2018

First media recognition (by women talk)

Feb 2018

First social media mention (for organic baby products)

Feb 2018

Given sole distributorship for WaterWipes

Mar 2018

Reached 100 deliveries

Jun 2018

Signed up over 30 vendors including leading international and local companies

Jul 2018

SKU's exceeded 200