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Gymin – Pay only for the minutes you gym

Gymin allows users to access any gym and pay for only the minutes they use.


Gymin is focusing on revenue maximization in the Gym industry. It allows users to Gym and pay only for the minutes they use. The aim is to give users the flexibility to gym anywhere without a gym membership.

This is not an app where you access fitness classes such as Kfit, Activpass or ClassPass. Gymin allows gyms to tap into new market segments such as tourists and those who seek flexible plans. Guests who are staying in Airbnb and hotels that do not have gym facilities can access a gym that is near to them. There are locals who don’t use the gym more than 6 hours a week for whom an annual membership is too expensive. Finally, Gymin allows gyms to maximize their revenue during peak & off-peak times.

Gymin allows users to save money whilst allowing gyms to make more money via new market segments. The main aim is to remove the barriers to a gym membership. Secondly, we want to ensure more of the public use the gym through a global membership structure with a never expiring membership.

Jude Kumar

Jude Kumar

Jude Kumar - LinkedIn
CEO RMIT University
Depak Kumar

Depak Kumar

Depak Kumar - LinkedIn
COO The Ohio State University
Kalith Kumarasu

Kalith Kumarasu

Kalith Kumarasu - LinkedIn
CTO University of Mary
Pasindu Withanage

Pasindu Withanage

Pasindu Withanage - LinkedIn
CPO North Dakota State University

Fully working user interface prototype is complete

All gyms in Sri Lanka, Singapore and Dubai have been identified

App Development process has begun

Launch team has been hired and operational

Visiting all gyms in Sri Lanka has begun