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Why we are doing this

The startup movement in Sri Lanka came to life with the end of the civil war in 2009. Since then, the country has been experiencing an entrepreneurial renaissance. Sri Lanka is currently home to 300-500 active startups and has the highest growth index in the region according to GSER 2017. We felt the need for a better mechanism that could identify and curate startups in the country. Furthermore, we saw the need for a platform that wasn't defined by an industry or geography.

Why we focus on early-stage tech startups

On average, we meet 20-30 founders a month. All whom have amazing experiences and ideas! We are drawn to the excitement and chaos that surrounds early-stage startups. This also helps us to feed potential startups to accelerators both local and global.

Our Team

We are a consortium of experienced founders, investors, corporate professionals and startup evangelists. Collectively, we have supported more than 100 early-stage startups to date.

Our Startups


For a startup to have even a remote chance of success, you must be hands-on. We spend at least 3 months with each of our startups before they go live. These are the most promising startups in Sri Lanka that you can support!

Get funded!

With crowdisland, you don’t have to
delay your startup journey.

Crowdisland is an equity crowdfunding platform

I.E. Those providing money are actually buying a stake in your startup

Fund startups!

Grow together, with the country’s fastest
growing companies.

Crowdisland is for sophisticated investors
who understand the risks of startup funding

Our Partners