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We don’t have any deadlines. We don’t run any competitions or hackathons. And we don’t accept lengthy business plans.

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Investing in Startups and early stage business involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution. crowdisland is targeted exclusively at investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand these risks and make their own investment decisions.


Our Mantra


We focus on tech startups that have gone through idea validation. We curate every startup and help the most promising ones, become investor ready. Once entrepreneurs are ready, we use the power of crowdfunding to raise funds. We intend to make fundraising more accessible, strategic and less painful.

What we mean by idea validation 

You have identified and built a Minimum Viable Product. You are ready for beta launch and Customer Discovery.

You have paying customers and insights! You are looking to fine-tune your product/market fit and business model.

You plan on scaling execution and operations. You want to expand into new markets, regional or

Our Startups


For a startup to have even a remote chance of success, you must be hands-on. We spend at least 3 months with each of our startups before they go live. These are the most promising startups in Sri Lanka that you can support!


Crowdisland has been a committed and active contributor to the startup ecosystem in Sri Lanka. Not only connecting founders with much-needed capital but also improved their strategic thinking and ability to create a compelling pitch. Essential ingredients for setting them on the path to long-term success.

Mangala Karunaratne Director SLASSCOM, Founder & CEO, Calcey

Crowdisland has always been a great support to the startups in Sri Lankan ecosystem with mentoring and fundraising. I have also directly witnessed the support extended by their team to Techstars Startup Weekend programs in Sri Lanka.

Anurag Maloo Regional Manager, Techstars

The ICT Agency of Sri Lanka has had the opportunity to partner with Crowdisland for initiatives which enable the Tech Startup Ecosystem. They have a broader mandate in terms of building the tech startup ecosystem in Sri Lanka. This is evident by the time and attention given to understanding each startup and its growth.

Sachindra Samararatne Program Manager, ICTA

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